Competitions - Frontage

Judges Introduction:

Three judges from Corfe Castle Charity, scoring independently, allocated points to each property under three headings - Originality, Following the Theme and Effort, up to a maximum of 10 points under each heading. Thus, when the individual scores were amalgamated a maximum of 90 points was possible.

Businesses/Organisations - Judges' Comments:

In spite of the fact that they had not entered the competition it was felt that three businesses, Box of Delights, The Sweet Shop and the small shop adjacent to the Post Office, merited favourable comment. The high standard of their window displays added much to the atmosphere in the Square. Another business with a most attractive display was The Gallery at 41.

However first place is awarded to The Castle Inn - a riot of Union flags offsetting the lovely Purbeck stone Diamond Jubilee seat to great advantage.

Second place goes to Clealls of Corfe, with a high score under the Theme heading.

And third place is awarded to Corfe Castle First School where the score under Effort figured very strongly.

Private Homes - Judges' Comments:

There was a very strong entry in this section and several properties deserve special mention in spite of the fact that they do not figure in the awards - notably joint entry 138/140 East Street, 52 East Street, 30 East Street and joint entry 20/22/24/26/28 East Street.

First place goes to a truly outstanding entry, St Katherine's Cottage, 40 West Street - a doll's house with people waving banners out of the windows and two families of teddy bears enjoying their separate Jubilee celebration teas, complete with real tea in cups and pieces of a real, tiny, freshly baked Victoria sponge!

Second place is awarded to another memorable entry, 78 East Street - a lovely display which effectively illustrates the Queen's life and that of her family going right back to a jug commemorating her great, great grandmother Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Third place goes to 24 West Street, yet another outstanding entry scoring very highly under the Theme and Effort headings.

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