Competitions - Corfe Castle Queen's Diamond Jubilee Quiz
  • First Place: Meriel Parvin
  • Joint Second Place: Mike Glover and Julia Cullimore
  1. What part did Cunningham, Tovey, Noah, Tedder, Eisenhower, Snow White, Tipperary, and McCreery play in the Coronation? They pulled the State coach
  2. Which company opened the first burger restaurant in Britain? Wimpy
  3. Who was the last woman hanged in England? Ruth Ellis
  4. Which Savings system was introduced in England? Premium Bonds
  5. What was grown in the BBC’s April Fools Spoof? Spaghetti on trees
  6. What was the subject of the film ‘A Night to Remember’? The sinking of Titanic
  7. Introduced in 1959, who has been a fashion model, doctor, astronaut and presidential candidate Barbie doll
  8. Kwame Nkruma became the first president of which new republic? Ghana
  9. What happened to Ham the Chimp? Was sent into space
  10. Which leader was excommunicated by the Pope? Fidel Castro
  11. Who ‘saw a welcoming light and stopped to rest for the night’? Gene Pitney
  12. Which Teen girl’s magazine was first published? Jackie
  13. Who escaped from Wandsworth Prison using a rope ladder? Ronnie Biggs
  14. Which Welsh tragedy happened this year? Aberfan
  15. Which significant operation took place in South Africa? First successful human heart transplant
  16. Which children’s author died in November? Enid Blyton
  17. What was held at Max Yasgur’s farm in the Catskills? Woodstock
  18. Who set sail from Morocco on an epic voyage? Thor Heyerdahl
  19. Which tabloid newspaper, Britain’s oldest, closed? The Daily Sketch
  20. Which novel featured the fictional language Lapine? Watership Down
  21. What was the standard rate of VAT introduced this year? 10%
  22. What did Hiroo Onoda do this year after 29 years? He surrendered
  23. Which British racing driver was killed in a plane crash? Graham Hill
  24. Who resigned as UK Prime Minister? Harold Wilson
  25. Who won the Wimbledon Ladies Title? Virginia Wade
  26. What was significant about Louise Brown? First ‘test tube’ baby
  27. Which film, featuring the spaceship Nostromo, was released? Alien
  28. What shut down temporarily after Mi Amigo sank? Radio Caroline
  29. The film ‘Chariots of Fire’ featured which year’s Olympic Games? 1924
  30. What was raised after approximately 400 years? The Mary Rose
  31. Who set a new land speed record in Thrust 2? Richard Noble
  32. Who was born on 15th September at St. Mary’s Paddington? Prince Harry
  33. Who made the first mobile phone call in Britain? Ernie Wise
  34. The failure of an ‘o-ring seal’ led to which disaster? The Challenger Space Shuttle
  35. Which leading exponent of Pop Art died this year? Andy Warhol
  36. Which ichthyoid hit the box office this year? A Fish Called Wanda
  37. Which Cold War symbol began to fall? The Berlin Wall
  38. Which famous European building closed for safety reasons? The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  39. Which team played their first international game since 1970? The South African Cricket Team
  40. How was the Olympic flame ignited in Barcelona? With a bow and flaming arrow
  41. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize? Won jointly by Nelson Mandela and F W de Klerk (both names required)
  42. Bramble Bush Bay started service. What was it? The new chain ferry between Sandbanks and Shell Bay
  43. How did Felix, Marilyn and Roxanne make the news? They were hurricanes
  44. To which actress did Brad Pitt become engaged? Gwyneth Paltrow
  45. Who said ‘When the curtain falls it’s time to get off the stage and that is what I intend to do'? John Major
  46. What was completed on Low Fell, Gateshead? The Angel of the North
  47. Which new programme featured Bikini Bottom? Spongebob Squarepants
  48. What happened in the Paris suburb of Gonesse? Concorde crashed
  49. Which football commentator was given an OBE? John Motson
  50. Who won the first series of Pop Idol? Will Young
  51. Of what was British Army Major Charles Ingram found guilty? Cheating on Who wants to be a Millionaire
  52. As of this year, how many men had walked on the moon? 12
  53. Which heroine moved from Phoenix to Forks and fell for a vampire? Isabella ‘Bella’ Swan
  54. The 250th anniversary of the birth of which composer? Mozart
  55. Viscount Severn was born. Who are his parents? The Earl and Countess of Wessex
  56. Which two athletes carried the British flag into the Olympic Stadium at the start and end of the games? Mark Foster and Chris Hoy
  57. Which team did Chelsea beat in the FA Cup Final? Everton
  58. Which musical was 25 years old? Les Miserables
  59. Whom did Bradshaw lead to Corfe Castle in early June? Michael Portillo
  60. Who designed the United Kingdom’s Official Diamond Jubilee logo? Katherine Dewar

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